Metal Roof Painting

Metal Roof Painting is a specialty of RSP. We have done metal roof painting for hundreds of clients in many different states. A metal roof can be a beautiful look to your business. it can attract customers, comes in many different colors, protects your building very well from the elements, etc. but when it does finally start to fade of peel what do you do? Not every local contractor is qualified to resurface metal roofing It takes alot of experience to properly paint a metal roof correctly. RSP has the employees with experience in painting these roofs for / McDonald’s / Burger King / Pizza Hut / shopping centers / malls / office buildings / homes / Warehouses / and more. We will pressure wash your roof to insure a clean paintable surface, fix any damaged metal, prime all bare areas, and apply by spray 2 coats of a 2 part urethane. Urethane products are very shiny, they provide excellent UV protection, They resist fading for many years, and they will make your roof look like a new factory finished roof. All at a small percentage of what it would cost to remove and replace your roofing