Daycare Painting

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Daycare Painting

One of the hardest environments to keep your paint looking fresh is in a daycare facility. Due to all the daily abuse of cleaners | dirty handprints | crayons | and flying toys | We understand the importance of a high quality paint that will withstand these challenges.  We can also keep a sanitary environment with Zero-V.O.C. compliant paints. We know your highest concern is the children’s safety and we can schedule painters| nights | Weekends | Holidays | and any time that works with the staff. Our commercial painters will properly cover all of your furnishings and floors in the work area. When we are completed we will return everything to its original spot upon job completion. RSP also has the solutions for your daycare painting project with the proper high performance paint coatings. 

Daycare Painters

Service that we offer for Daycare Painting are:

  • Drywall Repair: We can repair scrapes, dents, dings, holes and scratches to get your walls smooth again.  
  •  Hi-Performance Coatings: We can suggest paints that are highly durable, thoroughly scrubbable and even some that are antimicrobial!  
  • Epoxy Flooring: Some surfaces, like bathrooms and kitchens, need floors that are easy to clean, and very resistant to staining and microbial growth. Epoxy floors are an excellent solution that meets all these needs.
  • Zero-V.O.C. Eco-Friendly Paints: No one wants their children inhaling strong fumes or odors.  R.S.P. is familiar with the best products on the market for daycare painting, and school painting, so that there are no harmful chemicals or odors coming from your new paint.

Your R.S.P. Rep. will take the time to explain our process to you before we start any work. We know it is crucial to work within your painting budget and to carefully discuss and plan the entire daycare painting project.  We pride ourselves on being professional and friendly and we know how important it is to stay on schedule during your painting project.  We will focus on being courteous to you, your employees, and customers. We always clean up after each day’s work to further minimize disruption to your business. We are the most efficient, reliable and cost effective full-service commercial painting company you will ever find!