At Retail Store Painting we’re no strangers in dealing with damage mother nature unleashes on your property. Waterproofing, when done correctly, can last 15-25 years. It’s the absolute safeguard in protecting your capital investment. When water finds its way into your building through stress cracks, structural movement, or a multitude of other ways, the effects can be costly and detrimental if they’re not caught in time.

Our team of experts  will do an extremely thorough evaluation of all areas of your structure that require caulking and/or waterproofing. After the evaluation, we will devise a strategic plan of attack, utilizing only the highest quality materials on the market. At that point, we then begin the preparation phase by carefully removing all of the faulty material, then moving on to the proper surface preparations, reapplying caulk, sealants, and finally applying the waterproofing to give you long-lasting years of protection and beauty.

Common waterproofing solutions include:

  • Elastomeric Coating Systems
  • Waterproof Caulking
  • Crack Sealing
  • Epoxy Injections
  • Hi-Performance Sealants
  • Special Coatings

Why you need waterproofing for your commercial premises:

Preventing loss of rent

Buildings with water leakage and seepage problems can soon become uninhabitable. To avoid loss of rental income in the future, owners should have their properties waterproofed properly from the start.

Building safety

Water leaks are dangerous, especially when electrical wiring is exposed to water leaking through the structure due to insufficient waterproofing. Such situations can lead to fire or electrocution, making the building owner liable for any damage or injury suffered by the tenants.

Structural stability

Water leaks caused by inadequate waterproofing can cause timber to rot, metal to rust and lead to a form of degradation known as concrete cancer. A building that is structurally unsound due to the long-term effects of water damage can be a major disaster waiting to happen.

Keeping it healthy

Mold and mildew caused by water penetration can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems in the building’s occupants, leading to long-term illness. Bacteria can also thrive in damp areas, and could result in the building being labelled ‘sick’, making it difficult to lease.


Damp buildings create a suitable environment for termites, cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests, not only posing a health risk for occupants but also creating an ongoing and unnecessary expense for the owner on pest control and extermination services.

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