Roof Painting

Roof Painting

At Retail Store Painting we understand your roof is one of the most critical investments you have. It protects your inside investment. Painted metal roofs are subject to harsh weathering from Mother Nature. Extreme thermal shock from rising daytime temperatures and moisture is always present. Hi Performance Roof Coatings / Roof Painting  provide protection from harmful UV damage, which causes premature roof failure. A roof painting /coating system will provide unparalleled leak proofing and extending the life of the roof 10-20 years.


Elastomeric Roof Painting

Elastomeric Roof Coatings are environmentally friendly and Energy Star rated. Roofs expand and contract throughout the day as temperatures rise and fall. Elastomeric Roof painting enhances the stability of the buildings by reducing roof top temperatures by as much as 90 degrees. The Department of Energy has determined that a white Elastomeric Roof Coating can improve your buildings energy efficiency up to 50% while reflecting up to 90% of harmful UV rays. Elastomeric Roof Coatings are lightweight compared to other roofing systems and will not threaten the structural integrity of your roof. This minimizes structural stress that results in sagging, standing water and premature deterioration.


Some examples of where Roof Painting can be beneficial:

  • Steel Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Storage Units
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Awnings
  • Airport Hangars