Hot Pressure Washing

RSP uses hot water pressure washers to remove grease, oil, tar, and anything else that needs high pressure to break down. Hot pressure washing is using a machine that raises the water temperature from about 53°F to as much as 311°F. This Hot Pressure Washing technique allows the working pressure, cleaning time and detergent quantity to be reduced. Cleaning with hot water therefore offers numerous options for optimizing the cleaning process, as well as impressive results.

Hot water softens congealed oil and grease and significantly improves emulsification, making it very easy to remove.
In the food industry, proteins and greases can be loosened especially effectively with hot water. Grease, oil, and resin can usually be removed with just hot water, so significantly less detergent can be used or detergent can be omitted entirely. In addition to cost savings, this protects the environment and conserves resources. Surfaces cleaned with hot water dry faster thanks to the heat and are thus ready for subsequent processing or further use faster.

Hot Pressure Washing


A significant reduction in germs can be demonstrated after cleaning with hot water. For many hygiene requirements, this effective germ reduction without disinfectant is fully sufficient. Hot water results in faster dirt loosening and thus significant time savings of up to 35%. This means that a wide range of cleaning tasks can be carried out economically and cost-effectively.

Heat is an important factor in the cleaning process. Heat accelerates chemical processes; with every 50°F increase in temperature doubles the reaction speed. A 68°F rise in temperature greatly increases the reaction speed. Oil, grease and soot are dislodged by the heat and are easier to remove. The emulsion of oil and grease in water is accelerated. And heated surfaces dry faster. In practice, this means that higher water temperatures can reduce cleaning times by up to 35% – with significantly better results. By reducing the water quantity, a steam temperature as high as 311°F can also be achieved.

With the combination of mineral-free steam and pressure, even the most stubborn dirt can be loosened. This ensures high cleaning performance, even without chemical additives. The steam stage is perfect for removing bitumen coating’s, paint coatings in general, soot deposits, lichens and algae.

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