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Sprinkler Pipe Painting

RSP – We are a commercial painting company that specializes in sprinkler Pipe Painting. We have been a national painting company since 1999 and have painted hundreds of miles of sprinkler piping. When it comes to painting sprinkler piping we always make sure to use the highest level of prep work followed by using the highest quality materials made for the pipe in which we are painting.  We almost always paint sprinkler piping after it is fully installed protecting the sprinkler heads completely to insure they are kept free from paint drips, or overspray, but in some situations the client has us prep and paint the piping before installation the we do final touch ups in the field after installation. Our crews are certified in scissor and boom lifts and are company trained. all employees have a minimum of five years experience with supervisors having ten or more years experience. Our employees can work days, nights, weekends, and holidays to meet the needs of our customers.


Sprinkler Pipe Painting

Whether your state mandates a color-coding system for fire-suppression piping, or your area of service requires each individual pipe a specific color according to The Equipment and Piping Color Identification System mandated by the U.S. Federal Government. We have vast experience in Sprinkler & Pipe Painting and are very familiar with The U.S. Government Federal Register Paint Color Numbers and Shades.  So, if you’re mandated or you just need a repaint, please contact RSP and we can gladly discuss your options, prepare a free detailed quote, and get your project completed ahead of schedule.


It’s best to stick with standards for painting and labeling your equipment. The American National Standards Institute/American Society of Testing and Material standards requires the following:

  • Fire quenching fluids – Red with white letters
  • Toxic and corrosive fluids – Orange with black letters
  • Flammable fluids – Yellow with black letters
  • Combustible fluids – Brown with white letters
  • Potable, cooling, boiler feed, and other water – Green with white letters
  • Compressed air – Blue with white letters


Sprinkler pipe painting warranty

RSP understands what it takes to build a successful painting company, and the most important way for us, is to build working relationships that will last our entire career.  We have had clients since 1999 that we still complete work for to this day, and we have a company that has grown every year due to repeat customers. When we provide our services we stand behind everything we do and we offer longer warranties that most contractors in the business. please give us a call for a Free estimate, and to discuss any sprinkler pipe painting projects you currently have or may have coming up in the future.


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