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FDA Approved Coatings


The FDA has safety regulations in place which need to be followed when painting or installing an Epoxy Flooring System in an FDA regulated business. They require strict compliance from the food processing industry and are only allowed to use specific FDA Approved Coatings.  Retail Store Painting is aware of and uses these coatings. Food plants will not be able to operate without certification from the FDA. Even existing plants are still in danger of being fined or shut down if the FDA finds evidences of non-compliance. These situations could cost the plant significant losses. The FDA has strict quality guidelines for food facilities, because it is protecting the public against health-threatening bacterias  such as E.coli, listeria or salmonella. These bacterias thrive in poorly-processed food and unsanitary environments, and can be transmitted to the public. Food processing plants are required to maintain clean areas at all times. This includes flooring, walls, and ceilings that should be very easy to clean and sanitize.

FDA Approved Coatings for floors


Section III of the Food Establishment Plan Review Guide covers the FDA’s design, installation and construction recommendations for food facilities. Part 10 of this section covers specific guidelines on floor finishes. Quarry or commercial grade vinyl composition tile, as well as seamless-poured and sealed concrete are the approved finishes for kitchens / food preparation rooms / storage rooms / waste disposal / and washing areas / in food manufacturing facilities. This is also true for walk-in refrigeration and freezer areas, with the addition of stainless steel and poured synthetic materials. The use of any materials aside from these must be submitted to the FDA for evaluation and approval. The reason why these paint and coating finishes are acceptable is that they are smooth, non-absorbent, and easy-to-clean flooring. Additionally, food safe floor coatings of epoxy based materials are required to maintain the flooring performance and provide long-lasting performance. FDA regulations do not cover any specific floor coating formulas. The composition of the coatings is what is considered in determining food safe floor coatings. Non-toxic materials are preferred, as well as materials that would not provide an environment for harmful bacteria or food contaminants to live in.

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