Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Contractors

Retail Store Painting LLC. is a skilled and experienced Commercial painting contractor that is experiencd with various materials and paints. We know which chemicals to use for which purpose, So when it comes to Graffiti Removal we know a thing or two. Whether the graffiti is on concrete, brick, metal, painted, or glazed surfaces, we’ve got you covered. We can use the right chemicals to eat away the graffiti without damaging your property, plants, grass, and walls.


Removing Graffiti


Many properties in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have been damaged by Graffiti removal contractors due to lack of experience. They obviously did not understand the proper removal techniques or procedures. There are so many different types of graffiti.  This makes it important to use many different pieces of equipment, and many different chemicals.  Hot pressure washing is one system we use. This is ideal for removing graffiti on walls, sidewalks, and buildings. This method is very effective when paired with proper environmentally safe products. We can also do an on-site color match to ensure the area of graffiti removal is matched to the remaining area, leaving your property in it’s original, un-vandalized state. Call us today to discuss your options!


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Retail Store Painting LLC. is a national painting company that services the entire US. for commercial and industrial painting. We can remove your graffiti, but we can also paint your building, line stripe your parking lots, Pressure wash your sidewalks and drive thru pads, and paint your light poles, and much more. We have been doing nothing but commercial painting since 1999. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Please give us a call at 1-800-538-6723 or check out our website at: