McDonalds Approved Paint Colors

McDonalds Approved Paint Colors


McDonald’s Approved Paint Colors – If you click on this link you will find all of the approved McDonald’s exterior paint colors. These are colors that are approved through corporate to be applied to the exterior of their restaurants. Retail Store Painting LLC. has painted McDonalds restaurants in almost all 50 states. We have completed large projects for corporate with hundreds of locations at a time. We also paint restaurants for private owners. We started painting McDonalds restaurants in 1999 and we still do to this day.



McDonalds Approved Color Schemes


McDonald’s Approved Paint Colors – We are working on more info for this page and will have much more info shortly on all McDonalds approved colors and paints. please check out our full website at or give us a call with any questions or requests for painting quotes anywhere in the U.s.

McDonalds Painting Contractors


Retail Store Painting LLC. started painting McDonalds restaurants in 1999 and has completed painting literally thousands since. We have more experience painting McDonalds restaurants than any other painting contractor on the planet. We can paint your restaurant while open and we will never disturb your customers or your daily business. We know that the drive-thru makes up a great deal of your business so with our many years of experience we can guarantee your drive thru will never be closed or interrupted during the exterior painting of your restaurant.