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Home improvement store painting

Home Improvement store painting home improvement store painting home improvement store painting


Home improvement store painting

Retail Store Painting is very thrilled to be a new painting vendor for The Home Depot. We will be handling  a combination of interior and exterior painting projects throughout a few different states in 2016, and hopefully for years to come. Behr is the paint supplier that we will be using for these interior and exterior projects. Behr has a great line of products for all substates and their service is excellent. Keep watching for updated before and after pictures of The Home Depot locations as we complete them. 


The Home Depot Painting

When painting a store for The Home Depot. there are many obstacles to work around. These are very busy stores, and under no circumstances can you interfere with any of the stores day to day business, or customers entering and exiting the store. So much communication is needed between the crew supervisors and the store managers on all shifts. Some of the work needs to be completed during business hours to insure the proper temperature for dry times. Other parts of the store need to be completed after hours, and some when the store is closed. The store also has blackout dates and special times that you cannot perform any work onsite. This is where our retail experience comes in most handy. All of our crew leaders have many years experience in the retail painting market, which makes it much easier for Retail Store Painting to handle these types of projects over most local contractors. So if you have a project that will take careful planning, constant communication, and a very flexible work schedule don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate whether you are looking for a  1 location project, or multiple locations scattered  through out the country.


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