The Oxford Building – Atlantic City, NJ.


High Rise Painting / Swing Stage Painting

Retail Store Painting has painted the entire exterior of this 130 foot high-rise condo building in Ventnor City, NJ.  This is the next town from Atlantic City, NJ. This building was located on the boardwalk. We used a combination of high arial reach equipment for this project. On 2 sides of the building we used a 130 ft boom lift, and on the other 2 sides we used our swing stage scaffolding. The entire exterior was pressure washed, all cracks and imperfections were fixed. We then applied 2 coats of elastomeric waterproof coating. The elastomeric paint will protect the masonry from the elements and wind blown rain from penetrating the masonry walls.


The Oxford Building
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Swing Stage Painting

High Arial Lift Painting

Condo Building Painting

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Elastomeric paint