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Water Tower Painting


Water tank Painting

When painting a water tower you run into different situations where you may need several types of specialty equipment to access the entire tower.  In this particular location the use of a bolsum chair, and an 80 ft aerial boom lift was needed.  All the rust had to be scraped, grinded and completely primered before the topcoats were applied. After the whole tower was painted we re-applied the lettering.

When painting towers, or painting steel structures there are a lot of technical factors that come into play such as Rust, moisture levels, and surface temperature (just to name a few). All of these factors will determine the life of the paint job.
Retail Store Painting has a staff of technical experts that have many many years of experience, and are always up to date with the newest products, and equipment.  we can help you write the correct specs, and systems that will suit your specific situation for life expectancy and budgeting numbers.  And this service is always 100% free of charge whether you chose us or someone else to complete your project.
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