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Signs and Graphics – RSP now has an official sign and graphics division where we design, print, and install all types of signs, graphics, vinyl, logos, truck lettering, Car Wraps and branding packages. For the past 15 years we have been installing sign and graphics packages that were made and supplied by others across the country. We now have the newest and best latex large format printers, Laminators, and cutting machines made today. We can use artwork supplied by the client or we can design anything your imagination can think of.  RSP uses all of the highest quality vinyl, laminates, and sign making materials available. Our staff is very professional, and loves working back and forth with clients to come up with the most original and creative designs possible.  


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Vehicle Wraps Dunmore PA



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Parking Garage Painting – RSP specializes in the parking industry. We have the equipment and the crews to keep your parking garage and parking lots in tip top shape and safe for customers.  We will minimize your liability by keeping traffic moving smoothly and safely throughout your parking facility by line striping and traffic marking all driving lanes and parking areas, and also paint your masonry walls | prep and paint structural steel | Paint light poles and signs | apply epoxy coatings to parking decks | seal and caulking of all masonry surfaces.


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Vehicle Wraps Dunmore PA

Industrial painting – Industrial buildings house industrial operations for a variety of tenants, and are mostly located outside of urban areas, especially along major transportation routes.  low-rise buildings can also be grouped into industrial parks. The properties are categorized into four categories: heavy industrial | light industrial | flex industrial | and bulk warehouse. RSP can provide painting services, specialty coatings, and traffic markings as well all of the other services needed to keep these properties maintained, protected and looking their best.


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Vehicle Wraps Dunmore PA


Multi family Painting – Commercial painting and coatings of multi family properties is very important due to the fact that there is very much competition and tenants have a large range of choices on the property they choose. The more inviting and properly maintained your property looks at first sight,  the better chance you have of attracting the most tenants at the highest rate.

Multi family is split into six categories high rise | mid rise | garden style | walk up | special purpose | and Manufactured housing communities | RSP has the ability to service all of them. we have the tools, equipment, and training to reach the highest and hardest areas. We have the technical knowledge in the best materials used for every substate. RSP offers the best warranties in the business at the most competitive pricing. RSP can also offer payment plans and in house financing on some projects.


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Hotel Painting – The hotel sector covers establishments providing accommodations, meals, and many other services for travelers and tourists. Hotels may be independently owned or franchised. there are several different types of hotels such as: limited space | full service|  boutique | casino | extended stay | and resort style |. R.S.P can provide the services required from all of these hotel types. We have crews that can everything commercial painting related. We can also do minor carpentry work | masonry repairs | tuck pointing | | waterproofing | caulking | lot striping | wallpaper | epoxy floor painting | swing stage painting | and much more.


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Retail Painting – Retail comprises the properties that house retailers and restaurants we regularly visit. They can be multi-tenanted (often with an anchor, or lead tenant, that serves to drive traffic to the property) or single-use, standalone buildings.   The retail sector is complicated, as for what type of shopping center it is, for instance, a regional mall, community center, strip center, or power center. Single-tenanted buildings you may come across include big box centers (usually with a national chain like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Dick’s Sporting Goods) and We have painted for all of them. Retail-painting is how we got started in the commercial painting business. we have painted literally thousands of retail stores across all 50 states. Commercial painting is what we specialize in and we are the best at it. from grocery stores to major shopping centers RSP has painted them all.

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Storage – Storage Facility painting is one of the sectors that requires experience and great knowledge of proper materials to use. Storage facilities are usually bright vivid colors. These bright colors fade very easily if the proper materials are not used. RSP has painted for many of the major storage facilities across the country. Why call multiple contractors in different cities and states when you can call us to handle all of your locations.  We use the best materials possible to keep your storage facility looking its best for years to come. We offer the longest warranties in the business and stand behind everything we do with material and labor warranties.


Special Purpose – Special purpose real estate may be owned by commercial real estate investors, but don’t fall into any of the sectors mentioned above. For instance, amusement parks, churches, self-storage, and bowling alleys are special-purpose facilities. RSP has provided services to every one of these sectors. We work in every city and state across the country. Please give us a call for a free estimate anytime 1-800-538-6723.  or email


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